Plan for Camp- An Online Event for Ontario Overnight Camps, April 12

We continue to very slowly consider what plans, procedures and program adaptations will need to be in place for the summer. The Ontario Camps Association has been working tirelessly on our behalf and this summer’s field guide should be ready soon. We remain confident that if camps are permitted to reopen we can prepare for a return to our beloved camp.  There will be lots of work to do once permission has been granted, especially to increase our registrations – word of mouth does wonders so  we ask all of you to  invite parish children and youth, neighbours, family and friends to  consider signing up ASAP  The Ontario Camps Association needs our help! Camp Huron is a part of a 400-strong membership. Because we are a smaller (but big-hearted) operation, and due to the support of committed donors and our being an outreach ministry of the Diocese of Huron we have been able to weather the incredible challenges so many have faced during this pandemic. Several member camps have already closed permanently and others will not make it through another season without campers. What a loss of such an important formational time for our young ones, leadership and employment opportunities for teens and sacred, storied outdoor space for one and all.
Please join us and others on Monday April 12  at 7:30 pm for a YouTube Premiere event hosted by @OCACamps! This is our chance to let the greater community understand the importance and significance of the summer camp experience for our children and youth! Visit this link to attend 
Consider sharing this invitation with your extended family, friends,  colleagues, parish and camp alumni that you know. Help us to kindle the spark, fan the flame and shine the light back to summer camps! Please follow both Camp Huron and the Ontario Camps Association on social media, liking and sharing posts whenever you can and using #planforcampWith a hopeful heart, looking forward to our return to camp, 

A New Year is Beginning to Unfold!

While so much seems to be up in the air and the current lockdown bears down on all of us, we are taking hopeful steps into 2021 by making plans for this summer. Although overnight camps remain closed by order of the Provincial Government, our Ontario Camps Association has never stopped working on our behalf – advocating for the reopening of camps and creating a field guide that will give us a road-map to planning and running a safe, healthy summer for our children and youth. Hiring for this summer has started and we hope to have the registration form available in late February – early March. Please check back for more updates and do feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


Our logo

If a picture is worth a thousand words here are a few that come to mind as we present our new logo!

Camp Huron – Welcome to Wonder!  

Camp Huron logo - circle containing three layers of waves in front of a cabin, three pine trees and three stars in the sky

Beneath a deep blue starry sky, a wooden cabin sits gently on the land by the wavy waters of Lake Huron, amongst  fir trees that seem to whisper, “you are home”. 

Peek through its tiny window – just imagine the people, possibilities and adventures waiting for you!


We have a new name and a new look!

We have been working throughout this past year to consider ways to share our camp story, recruiting new  families and drawing our circle wider and wider and wider.

A decision to rebrand led to the development of our new name, Camp Huron, which encompasses our beautiful lakefront site, the county in which we are located and our 75 years of outreach to and with children, youth and their families in our Diocese of Huron.

We are thankful for the work of  Camp Council members Julie Ryan, Frances Cutt, Robin Gingerich and Julia Marchesan with consulting by Julia Cutt and Modern Marketers LTD, a student group in Advanced Marketing Strategy through Western’s Community Engaged Learning.



Although we were unable to offer our summer programs for children and youth due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to open this beautiful site for picnics, day trips, and stayovers. Over 400 people of all ages enjoyed the beach, sat under shady trees to share a meal and explored our 38 acre site. Current campers showed their families their favourite spots and former campers introduced their children and grandchildren to this place filled with so much story and memory.

Sunsets did not disappoint and the night sky was filled with stars, stars and more stars! 

Thank-you to everyone who blessed us with their presence, their joy and their laughter. Thank-you to our Diocesan leadership, Camp Council, donors and especially our small team of staff members who tended and beautified this holy place through their work, their art, their prayers and their gracious spirits, as they whole-heartedly welcomed the stranger… and entertained angels unaware.


Camp Alumni Weekend

Our Alumni Weekend is under review and we are looking at a 2021 date.

More details, including cost, and a registration form will follow. We are looking forward to seeing you!



May 4, 2020

Dear HCC families and Friends:

Where has the time gone?

Stay Home Save Lives - COVID 19 poster

As we shelter in place the world all around us  changes … trees bud, grass greens and flowers bloom,  The air is full of birdsong! The warming of our days brings hope for the coming of summer. As we see our province very slowly and cautiously beginning to open things up again we are looking forward to direction that will help us make decisions about the upcoming season. We are still unsure what this summer may look like. There are still unknowns. We are sure that camp plays a vital role in the lives of our campers, their families our staff and all our supporters and as May unfolds we are taking steps to determine how we can best serve our HCC community this summer. We will let you know what this summer might look like as soon as we can.

In the meantime we want you all to know that we continue to hold you all close and so look forward to the time when we can be together.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at 519-434-6893 ext 217 or    Rev’d Canon Gerry Adam, Director

P.S. we are posting to Instagram  hcc_social where you can meet the staff and see updates on our Camper Bathroom Project.

March 31, 2020

Hello again HCC Familes and Friends:

Just a reminder that for the time being, we are still planning our programs and taking registrations.. A very excited group of young adults has been hired and you can believe right now they are so looking forward to gathering at the camp this summer to meet and serve our campers. 

We do not know what the future holds right now but we are hoping that it one that has summer camp in it! 

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at or 519-434-6893 ext 217 (please leave a message – it will be forwarded to me and I will get right back to you!)

Every blessing, 


March 24, 2020

Dear HCC Families and Friends:

In light of the recent emergence of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are writing to let you know about the approach that HCC / Camp Huron is taking to keep our campers safe and healthy at camp. 

In order to ensure a safe experience for everyone, we are monitoring this issue carefully and will continue to do so. We will be working closely with our local public health units as well as working with the Ontario Camps Association and the Diocese of Huron to ensure we are following best practices. We will continue to look to both the experts in Public Health, the Ontario Camps Association guidance and our Diocese of Huron leadership for the most up to date information. 

HCC / Camp Huron has well-established health-specific protocols in place to protect our campers and staff. At this time, there are no changes necessary to any of our programs as we prepare for the camp season ahead. Should any of this change, we will communicate this with you as early as possible. 

You can find trustworthy information about COVID-19 at the Public Health Ontario’s website at or from your own public health unit.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me by email or call 519-434-6893 ext 217

Hoping you are staying safe and keeping you and those whom you love in my prayers,

Gerry – The Rev Canon Gerry Adam
Director, Huron Church Camp