COVID-19 Information for Upcoming Camps

COVID-19 Information for Upcoming Camps

July 2022

At this time, all COVID-19 Guidelines from both the Ministry of Health and Huron Perth Public Health as well as the Diocese of Huron have been cancelled.

We will be staying connected with all of these organizations as well as noting any advice from the Ontario Camps Association as do our best to balance providing a wonderful summer camp experience with keeping everyone safe.

Throughout the pandemic one thing we all regularly experienced was change. If any adjustments need to be made this summer to any part of the outline below, we commit to communicating these changes as soon as possible.

Before you come to camp:

According to the Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario, vaccinations are one of the best tools we have to combat COVID-19. While vaccines will not be a requirement for campers this summer, we encourage each camper to get their COVID vaccines as they can. As a requirement of working for the Diocese of Huron, Camp Huron staff have been vaccinated.

We encourage each camper to limit their exposure to people outside of their household to the best extent possible in the week leading up to their time at camp.

Before setting out on your trip to the camp we ask that you check everyone in your family for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (beyond anything which is normal, such as seasonal allergies or anything associated with having just woken up)

You can also use the COVID SCREENING TOOL  from the province of Ontario.

If you cannot pass the screening, or feel unwell, please do NOT come to camp.

Please call the camp office 519-434-6893 ext 217 so we can update our cabin lists and hopefully arrange for your camper to return later in the summer or offer a refund.


Campers and staff are welcome to wear masks.

We will not require masks to be worn when we are outside. The bulk of our programs have always occurred outdoors.

Our large gathering spaces, like the Chapel, Program Building and Dining Hall are very well ventilated, so mask wearing will be optional. We will have plenty of adult and child-sized masks available for anyone who wishes to wear one.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Camp Huron has always had a schedule of regular cleaning and sanitation. We will ensure that bathrooms are cleaned, some higher traffic ones twice or more daily. Our new washroom building is especially well-ventilated and spacious.

All cabin porches will have hand sanitizer. There will be clearly marked sanitation stations round the site.

Sickness at Camp

If a camper or staff member shows symptoms of COVID-19, we will require that they isolate in our Health Centre until they are able to be picked up.

As most campers are only at camp for a week, we will discuss a return in a later session or a partial refund on a case-by -case basis.

Campers and Staff that are in the same cabin or group as an individual that is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 may also be required to isolate from the group and be sent home based on their vaccination status. Again, coming back later in the summer or partial refund will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Rapid Antigen Tests

Camp Huron has rapid antigen tests to use as a tool to help us verify whether a staff or camper has COVID-19. We will contact parents/caregivers or emergency contacts and keep them informed about the results of the test as soon as we can.

We thank everyone, campers, families, friends and staff for their patience and grace as we continue to navigate our way back to our overnight programs for children and youth!


A Message from a staff member

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A Message from a staff member Hello!

My name is Rebekkah Phibbs and I am the Administrative Assistant Director for Camp Huron this summer. As we begin preparations for the summer, we are hoping to increase the registration numbers in the following weeks. 

Camp Huron has been unable to host children as we usually do for the past two years, and this summer we are eager to celebrate the space that we were given to share our faith with the children in our communities. We are hoping to reach some new campers this year, and hoping that you all are able to share some of this information with families in and around your community. 

Camp is a diverse and welcoming community, where children and youth are free to be themselves without restrictions. We continue to make it our mission to be as inclusive as possible. Children from the ages of 6-16 years old are welcome to take part in our week-long programs (Leader in Training is for 15-16 years), no matter what background they have or who they present themselves as. Please feel free to look on Youtube for “The Wedding Banquet” music video on the Camp Huron Youtube page—this might give you a good idea of who we are and what we represent. 

This summer is a great opportunity for churches to sponsor or encourage children to go to camp, and give them an experience of a lifetime. Everyone is welcome at camp, including those who may need financial aid, children who need extra attention, or those who need a safe place. We offer the ability to have a one-to-one camp counsellor present with children who have exceptional needs, and a staff who have a plethora experience within this role. Camp Huron is a place where every child belongs. 

We are also taking the necessary COVID-19 precautions, and all staff on site are fully vaccinated. 

This year, our theme for the summer is Home-Longing, Home-Coming. We are coming home to Camp Huron this summer, and we are eager to continue to grow our camp family through our faith and community. We could not be more excited to welcome children back home this summer. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns regarding the summer, and make sure to register on our website! 

Thank you,
Rebekkah Phibbs (she/her) 
Administrative Assistant Director 
Camp Huron

Registration is now open-COVID 19 update

While we are planning on a return to overnight camps, due to the evolving nature of the pandemic it is too early to share what possible guidelines for gathering will still be in place, especially concerning masking, co-horting (living in a distanced group and not interacting unless masked indoors and if closer than 2 m) or what our procedures for drop-off and pick-up will be.

New for 2022 – COVID-19 Vaccinations

Neither the province of Ontario nor the Ontario Camps Association has provided any direction on vaccinations yet.

We strongly believe that a vaccination policy is necessary at this time to continue offering safe programs to young people. Achieving high vaccination rates is part of a global campaign to reduce the risks of transmissions, and Camp Huron is committed to doing our part to protect public health. 

We are implementing this policy because the health and wellbeing of our staff and participants is our top priority, and as such, we continue to evolve our policies in response to the dynamic nature of the virus.

As Camp Huron is part of the Diocese of Huron, all staff and volunteers are required to present proof of full vaccination at least 14 days before arriving at camp.

In order to protect our staff, campers will be required to be vaccinated as well. We are working on the language for this upcoming policy and a way that families can share or upload their information by Easter.

Please note that all medical information you put in Camp Huron’s Medical Form it is kept confidential and shared only with those persons who need it in order to care for your child.

We hope that if you have not gotten your children vaccinated this will give you more time.

You can find out more information here:

COVID-19 vaccine information sheet: For children (age 5-11) (ENFR)

Exemptions for medical or human rights considerations will be considered on a case by case basis.

OHRC policy statement on COVID-19 mandates and proof of vaccine certificates (OHRC, September 22) (ENFR)

Medical exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination (MOH, updated January 12) (ENFR)

Campers do not have to be vaccinated in order to register. Please watch for updates in the months to come. Until we have a comprehensive vaccination policy and procedures in place we are going to leave the Camper Medical Form offline, which means you can sign up today and come back to fill it out later.

Thank-you for your understanding and support. If you have any questions please email


Our 2022 plans

We are happy to announce that we are making plans to return to our overnight programs for children and youth.

Are you interested in joining our staff team for the months of July and August? Our online application is open and for this first hiring round, it will be available until midnight January 22, 2022

follow this link:

Online registration for this summer will open on January 24, 2022 at 6pm

Please note that for the time being and subject to interest, we are offering Senior Camp for those graduating from grade eight in July and Leader in Training in August. These programs have limited enrolment so please sign up when registration opens!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact



Another summer has come and gone, and we are filled to overflowing with thanks. We regret that we were unable to run our overnight programs for a second season and we missed seeing so many of our camp families and friends.

Day Trips and Stayovers were again well-received. Over the summer we met and served over 500 visitors who enjoyed bright blue water and sunny skies, shady trees, a few distanced camp activities and if staying over, an opportunity to gather around small campfires under starry, starry night skies.

Our much smaller staff team greeted guests, cared for the site with cleaning and beautification projects, planned and prepared meals, and even updated manuals and camp procedures in preparation for next year. We also found time to learn together, welcoming leadership from PWRDF and participating in the workshop,  Mapping the Ground We Stand On. This experience was quite impactful, inspiring our young leaders and sowing seeds for future camp programming.

One of the most delightful things to come out of this summer was the recording of Camp Huron Sings vol 1, our very first album of favorite worship songs.  We have always had an abundance of images to share – now everyone can hear us! Have a listen on Spotify, Apple Music or You Tube and be transported into our ever-widening circle of faith, fun and friends. Music videos, shot by on an iPhone,  for “All God’s Critters”, “Like a Rock”, “This Little Light of Mine”,  and “The Wedding Banquet” can also be found on You Tube and St James’ Facebook page.

These last two seasons have not been the summers we hoped for, planned for, or expected, but God’s Spirit continues to move throughout this holy place, calling us, challenging us, and inspiring us  to care for the site and one another  as we  embody the open-armed, open-hearted Christ,  waiting with hope and expectation … until we can gather again.

Please watch this website for updates – staffing commences in December and online registration will open in late January.


Camp Huron Sings – Album Release

Last weekend we released an album! Camp Huron Sings vol 1, the culmination of our summer-long project to record and share some of our favorite camp songs. Over the years we have shared many images of this wondrous place – now you can hear us and even sing along! Thanks to our staff for this grace-filled, heart-felt musical gift. Find our album on Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes.

or listen for free on You Tube

Please enjoy and share widely!


Here is your invitation to sing with us!

Have you listened to our camp songs on Spotify or Apple Music? We are now working on “Let it Rain” and we need your help! Follow these instructions from Oscar, our Sound Engineer and send us your recording singing along to the music provided.

1) Find some headphones. 2) Listen along to the backing track and sing along to however much you like. Sing alone or with some friends. 3) Record a video of yourself singing along to the backing track with your headphones in. 4) Send your recording to with the subject “Let it Rain” by August 14, 2021

here it is! Use headphones and sing along – send us your recording by August 14, 2021

More from Camp Huron Sings!

So far this summer we have recorded three camp favorites:

Like a Rock…🟣 Apple Music:…/like-a-rock-single/1576308634

The Summons:……All Gods Critters:…/all-gods-critters/1578226902……

Watch for your invitation to participate on our recording of Let it Rain!


Camp Huron Sings!

While the camp has suspended operations for another summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a small staff team has been living and working onsite, getting everything ready for our return to overnight programs for children and youth in 2022. In addition to tending our grounds and welcoming visitors for day trips and overnight stays we have started to record some of our favorite songs from daily worship and our weekly Eucharists.

Last week we released our version of Like a Rock. Take a listen here:


Apple Music:…/like-a-rock-single/1576308634

Keep listening for more soon and watch for an invitation to participate in our recording of Let it Rain, produced and engineered by Oscar Abley, (


Dear Campers

To Our Campers:    

We are so very sorry to tell you that Camp Huron will not be able to run our sleep-over camp for another summer.

We were very hopeful we could return and keep everyone safe.  We thought of all the ways we could do this that you already know about – staying six feet apart, wearing masks when we can’t, and washing our hands. We even thought that maybe a cabin group could be a bubble.

That would mean that you would only have your small cabin group to play with. All those awesome, wonderful times when the whole camp runs through the main compound, swims at the beach, gathers together for worship, campfire, meals,  and camp entertainment would have to change so much or not happen at all. Visiting each other during rest hour would no longer be allowed. If one or two of us got sick we might have to send everyone home early.

As hard as we thought about all of this and learned from the scientists and experts and said over and over, “what if we tried this?”, we could not come up with a way to keep you and the staff safe.

For those who were looking forward to the LIT program, the hike cannot happen for the first years nor can shadowing and placement for second years. It is scary to think about next year without this program – believe it or not campers help teach our future staff all about what it means to care for you, so we are working on what we can do to get them ready for next summer.

We know this is so very hard to hear, especially now that all over social media, the news and the papers, everyone is talking about summer camps being open.  But in all this excitement not many are remembering that it has not been made official by the government.  No one is talking about the incredible amount of work and all  the extra rules that will have to be followed, or that lots of camps have already closed or like Camp Huron, will decide to close.

Last year, I said that I was certain that we would once again gather around the campfire  and I regret that this will not be the case this season. However, I never ever regret being hopeful – every time I look at our campfire circle, I imagine it full of all of us, stomping feet, laughing, and singing and then hushing, sitting close and leaning in to hear a story, or  soft guitar playing. I feel the warmth of the campfire and see your shining faces and the flicker of flames in your eyes.

 That campfire seems very far away now. We will get to that campfire again.

We wait and wait and hope and dream for another summer at camp. Thank-you for being someone who hopes and dreams – thank you for believing in camp.

If you want to ask questions or talk to me, let me know.  I can be contacted at 519-434-6893 ext 217 or

Your friend, Gerry