Intorducing LIT 1, 2, 3

As we all know, we love leaders at Camp Huron and it’s fair to say that the development of ours starts at an early age. Campers who return every year start to think about giving back, becoming part of the next generation of leaders who will inspire the next and so on and so on!

This is why we are shifting to an intentional 3 – year Leader in Training Program, during which we hope to build a pool of young persons, who by the time they are eligible to apply to work here, will have already begun to build relationships and a sense of belonging to a community of confident servant leaders both at camp and beyond.

Announcing: LIT 1, 2, 3

For the 2024 season we are offering three levels of Leader in Training

LIT 1 – Wonder   July 7- 20 or July 28-August 10        (For those graduating from Grade 8 in 2024) $1500 incl HST

A 2 -week program during which participants will consider their move to secondary school, learn about community service hours and volunteerism, and begin to take on increased responsibility, while practising being a role-model for younger campers. LIT1s will be given more opportunities to experience independence and a chance to wonder about their next steps both at camp and beyond. There will be an opportunity to enjoy an off-site activity. Those who complete the program can claim 10 hours community service.

LIT2 – Explore          July 7 – 20 or July 28 – August 10             (For those graduating from Grade 9 in 2024) $1500 HST incl

A 2-week program during which participants will learn more about how camp operates, both by working and playing together in their group, and alongside younger campers. There will be more opportunities to take on leadership roles during camp-wide activities, as well as time to prepare for a 2-night group expedition to MacGregor Point, for camping, hiking, swimming, and outdoor activities. A fun, engaging program, LIT2s will explore their potential as individual leaders while working as part of a team. Those who complete this program can claim 20 hours of community service.

LIT3- Serve  July 7 – 27 or July 28 – August 17                   (For those graduating from Grade 10 in 2024) $2100. HST incl

A 3-week program during which participants will learn more about child development and the care of campers in preparation for a week-long internship in a cabin in their final week. There will be opportunities to help lead camp-wide activities and be with campers during the day, learning about them by being with them. Lit3s will benefit from time set apart for individual and group feedback, reflection, and mentorship from older staff, the majority who have grown up at camp! We are proud to raise our own leaders at Camp Huron! Those who complete this program can claim 40 hours of community service.

Please Note:

Sr Camp has ended. We will still include Grade 8s in our weekly programs., but ask you to consider Sessions 3 and 6. We will of course take them in the week they prefer.