Plan for Camp- An Online Event for Ontario Overnight Camps, April 12

We continue to very slowly consider what plans, procedures and program adaptations will need to be in place for the summer. The Ontario Camps Association has been working tirelessly on our behalf and this summer’s field guide should be ready soon. We remain confident that if camps are permitted to reopen we can prepare for a return to our beloved camp.  There will be lots of work to do once permission has been granted, especially to increase our registrations – word of mouth does wonders so  we ask all of you to  invite parish children and youth, neighbours, family and friends to  consider signing up ASAP  The Ontario Camps Association needs our help! Camp Huron is a part of a 400-strong membership. Because we are a smaller (but big-hearted) operation, and due to the support of committed donors and our being an outreach ministry of the Diocese of Huron we have been able to weather the incredible challenges so many have faced during this pandemic. Several member camps have already closed permanently and others will not make it through another season without campers. What a loss of such an important formational time for our young ones, leadership and employment opportunities for teens and sacred, storied outdoor space for one and all.
Please join us and others on Monday April 12  at 7:30 pm for a YouTube Premiere event hosted by @OCACamps! This is our chance to let the greater community understand the importance and significance of the summer camp experience for our children and youth! Visit this link to attend 
Consider sharing this invitation with your extended family, friends,  colleagues, parish and camp alumni that you know. Help us to kindle the spark, fan the flame and shine the light back to summer camps! Please follow both Camp Huron and the Ontario Camps Association on social media, liking and sharing posts whenever you can and using #planforcampWith a hopeful heart, looking forward to our return to camp,