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  • Camp Huron Sings – Album Release

    Last weekend we released an album! Camp Huron Sings vol 1, the culmination of our summer-long project to record and share some of our favorite camp songs. Over the years we have shared many images of this wondrous place – now you can hear us and even sing along! Thanks to our staff for this grace-filled, heart-felt musical gift. Find our album on Spotify, Apple Music or iTunes.

    or listen for free on You Tube

    Please enjoy and share widely!

  • Here is your invitation to sing with us!

    Have you listened to our camp songs on Spotify or Apple Music? We are now working on “Let it Rain” and we need your help! Follow these instructions from Oscar, our Sound Engineer and send us your recording singing along to the music provided.

    1) Find some headphones. 2) Listen along to the backing track and sing along to however much you like. Sing alone or with some friends. 3) Record a video of yourself singing along to the backing track with your headphones in. 4) Send your recording to with the subject “Let it Rain” by August 14, 2021

    here it is! Use headphones and sing along – send us your recording by August 14, 2021
  • More from Camp Huron Sings!

    So far this summer we have recorded three camp favorites:

    Like a Rock…🟣 Apple Music:…/like-a-rock-single/1576308634

    The Summons:……All Gods Critters:…/all-gods-critters/1578226902……

    Watch for your invitation to participate on our recording of Let it Rain!

  • Camp Huron Sings!

    While the camp has suspended operations for another summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a small staff team has been living and working onsite, getting everything ready for our return to overnight programs for children and youth in 2022. In addition to tending our grounds and welcoming visitors for day trips and overnight stays we have started to record some of our favorite songs from daily worship and our weekly Eucharists.

    Last week we released our version of Like a Rock. Take a listen here:


    Apple Music:…/like-a-rock-single/1576308634

    Keep listening for more soon and watch for an invitation to participate in our recording of Let it Rain, produced and engineered by Oscar Abley, (

  • Dear Campers

    To Our Campers:    

    We are so very sorry to tell you that Camp Huron will not be able to run our sleep-over camp for another summer.

    We were very hopeful we could return and keep everyone safe.  We thought of all the ways we could do this that you already know about – staying six feet apart, wearing masks when we can’t, and washing our hands. We even thought that maybe a cabin group could be a bubble.

    That would mean that you would only have your small cabin group to play with. All those awesome, wonderful times when the whole camp runs through the main compound, swims at the beach, gathers together for worship, campfire, meals,  and camp entertainment would have to change so much or not happen at all. Visiting each other during rest hour would no longer be allowed. If one or two of us got sick we might have to send everyone home early.

    As hard as we thought about all of this and learned from the scientists and experts and said over and over, “what if we tried this?”, we could not come up with a way to keep you and the staff safe.

    For those who were looking forward to the LIT program, the hike cannot happen for the first years nor can shadowing and placement for second years. It is scary to think about next year without this program – believe it or not campers help teach our future staff all about what it means to care for you, so we are working on what we can do to get them ready for next summer.

    We know this is so very hard to hear, especially now that all over social media, the news and the papers, everyone is talking about summer camps being open.  But in all this excitement not many are remembering that it has not been made official by the government.  No one is talking about the incredible amount of work and all  the extra rules that will have to be followed, or that lots of camps have already closed or like Camp Huron, will decide to close.

    Last year, I said that I was certain that we would once again gather around the campfire  and I regret that this will not be the case this season. However, I never ever regret being hopeful – every time I look at our campfire circle, I imagine it full of all of us, stomping feet, laughing, and singing and then hushing, sitting close and leaning in to hear a story, or  soft guitar playing. I feel the warmth of the campfire and see your shining faces and the flicker of flames in your eyes.

     That campfire seems very far away now. We will get to that campfire again.

    We wait and wait and hope and dream for another summer at camp. Thank-you for being someone who hopes and dreams – thank you for believing in camp.

    If you want to ask questions or talk to me, let me know.  I can be contacted at 519-434-6893 ext 217 or

    Your friend, Gerry