“As a camper, Camp Huron was one of the first places I was exposed to strong female leaders, ones I looked up to and aspired to be. Camp was also a place I felt comfortable just being me. For me, it’s a place I feel completely at peace.”

– Julia Cutt, former camper & staff member

“I love the freedom and fun that I have at Camp Huron. Every day something exciting happens. Even if you’ve never been to camp, you’ll always be welcomed and accepted.”

– Lily Ryan, former camper & staff member (2022-2023)

“My feelings toward camp evolved in a surprising way – from a reluctant seven-year-old who never wanted to return to a six-year staff member that succeeded in school and professionally using the tools, the experiences and the relationships that he cultivated after spending his summers at camp.”

– Ian Thompson, former camper & staff member

“I think what brings me back to camp every year is the feeling of community and acceptance. The strongest friendships I’ve had in my life heave been formed at camp and it’s those people that keep me coming back.”

– Dylan Rogers, former camper & staff member (2018-2020)

“What brings me back to camp is the community and sense of belonging that isn’t often found anywhere else. I never need to worry about whether or not I belong and that is something I look forward to every summer.”

– EJ Fleming, former camper & staff member (2019, 2021-2023)

“My four summers as staff at HCC (’94-’97) were without a doubt the most formative summers of my youth. The skills and experience I gained laid solid foundations that I relied on into my university years and beyond.”

– Leah Getchell, former camper, staff member & now parent

“What brings me back to camp every year is the family within it. I always have a place and I know I always will. It’s a really good feeling. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone come back again, staff, former staff, campers, everyone.”

– Hailey Lotz, former camper & staff member (2018-2019)

“As I watch the kids play wide games from the porch of the Nurses’ station I am transported back in time and it’s like nothing has changed. Camp is timeless in that way! It really is the experience of a lifetime and I wish every child could have the opportunity to go to camp!”

– Sam Kraft, former camper, staff member,
camp parent & volunteer Registered Nurse

“It was the camp t-shirt worn by my student that sparked a connection between us. We were able to share stories of community and worship that her peers and adults in her life couldn’t understand. This is where it all began, my journey with children, God and the love that can only come from following your heart and choosing your own path. This place was my original camp home and where my roots of empathy, compassion and love of camp ran from.”

– Kim Vallieres, former staff member

“My kids have spent many years (and counting) at camp as campers and staff members. This beautiful place infuses our family with stories, songs, and ongoing friendships. Life lessons like accepting others, taking risks, and being a part of a community that cares for one another – this is what Camp Huron is about.”

– Julie Ryan, parent

“Camp was a place I always felt safe, supported, and empowered to ask questions and explore the world around. As a staff member I had the opportunity to give back to the camp community and work with a diverse group of children.”

– Jacquie Cutt, former camper & staff member

“The first of our five children started there in 1987 and we have had children there for most of the time since then. All were campers, then learners, and ultimately, they all worked or still work there, having taken on various responsibilities. The confidence and positive vibrations that resulted from this environment have served and are serving our children well.”

– Earl Morwood, parent

“Camp allows and promotes infinite possibilities for young people. The young people bring the skills that they have acquired back to our local churches and parishes and all benefit from the experience. They also have a lot of fun with their peers and colleagues. Keep up the good work! May you exist in peace and harmony forever.”

– Heather Morwood, parent